Wednesday, May 18, 2011

French Art Museums

I cannot add posts readily with my iPad. It is brutal. But today I went to yet another French art museum that had free admission. I am going to find it very hard and depressing to return to my culture that does not appreciate the arts. Both my provincial and federal goverrnments are very "right wing," and they do not repect cultural expression at all. But here!! There is such respect for cultural expression, it is really remarkable. We are too young a country to appreciate our heritage and its importance. No wonder our artists have so much trouble earning the respect and support of the Canadian public.

I am back to posting in ten days.


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  1. It's interesting to read artistic views of the conservative government of which I think you are referring (although it's difficult to decipher because I don't know what "frere admission" is, or "m" culture.)

    Which culture do you belong to and what cultures are not being appreciated? And if we had a very "left wing" government, would it not be fair for someone else to argue that not all views need to or should be "appreciated"? (such as a far out example like terrorism-depending on the context).

    Quite frankly, I'm seeing a lot of cultural appreciation in our Canadian "conservative" society. Would you like to live in Iran where artistic freedoms are tightly restricted?


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