Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chris Goes on Stage

Whereas I love working with pigments, textures and composition I am far better with words. All my life, words have earned me all my advantages but they have virtually always been utilitarian. I never took risks; I couldn’t afford to. There were lots of technical writing jobs and they paid the bills. But then I “retired” from the rat race and decided to do some of the things I had been putting off all my life including a project I’ve alluded to in my past two columns.
I’ve written, am producing and “perform” in my show Knock Knock. I wrote nine songs and hired two of Vancouver’s best singers to sing them, Susan Anderson and Warren Kimmel to perform with me. Knock Knock chronicles the drive within me to find my fabulous birth mother who, in turned out, starred in movies with people like Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroiani, Jane Fonda and Ann Bancroft. It’s a great story of conviction rewarded so you’re very happy at the end. My show happens at the PAL Vancouver Studio Theatre April 18-21, 2013.
If you think you know me by these columns, you have no idea. But you will, after you see the show and I hope it will interest you to come if you live in Vancouver or are going to be here in April. It’s easy to get tickets online from Just type in the title of the show, Knock Knock, and choose which of the four performances you want to see and print the tickets on your computer.
I know writing about my show seems only self-serving, but it isn’t really. I will not earn a cent from the production. I am the production costs so that 100% of ticket revenue can go to a Vancouver charity that provides subsidized housing to veteran artists who need it.
There’s a lesson here for you too. At age 65, I am taking the biggest artistic risk of my life—and one I was afraid to take all my life. So please let my example inspire you—it’s never too late to take on even the most daring challenge. I hope I see you there and if you come, please say “hi” before or after the show. I’ll be easy to spot. Tickets here.

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