Saturday, November 2, 2013

Great Initiative to Get to a Residency

Local charmer, Angela, has taken an initiative and I admire her methodology and determination. She is making market-ready commercially smart art, true to  her passion, and undertaking a campaign on the crowd funding site, Indegogo. Here is how she describes her current purpose to raise funds to attend a residency in France (I love residencies):
My name is Angela Gooliaff and I’m an emerging visual artist living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have a passion for telling stories, especially stories about tiny but fascinating creatures among us – bugs!
My favourite subject to draw is ants. And I hope these ants will take me all the way to France. Why ants? Because they are admirable and multi-dimensional little beings. No one works harder than an ant. In my greeting cards, I have also expanded to other interesting and beautiful bugs such as British Columbia’s Rugose stag beetle, a Blue Morpho butterfly, ladybugs, dragonflies and others. 
My goal is to raise $5,000.00 to attend DRAWinternational, an artist residency program in Caylus, France.  DRAWinternational provides illustrators a one-month opportunity to focus entirely on their artwork, expanding their ideas and creativity, and collaborate with other like-minded artists. I am honoured to have received acceptance to this program.
Link to her Indegogo site.

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