Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BC Fine Art Marketing Report

In response to inquiries, here are some resources that I have found valuable in understanding the visual art market.
  1. Fine Art Market Report undertaken by Myartclub.com is particularly relevant for BC artists, but its findings are relevant to all Canadian artists. I find its greatest worth is the insight it brings to readers about the objectives of art buyers. If you go to their website, on the centre right of their home page is a place to click in order to download the report.
  2. Hills Strategies Research, is the only company I know of that produces insightful analyses of Statistics Canada research for arts producers and consumers. This site is a good one for arts advocacy organizations such as Arts Councils or arts service organizations.
  3. Alyson B. Stansfield has a great art marketing blog.
  4. Robert Genn is an institution on the Westcoast. His website, particularly his "Painter's Keys Community" is a very popular site for many artists.
  5. ArtBusiness.com, like a long list of valuable art marketing sites, is American. But many of the essays presented here can be insightful for visual artists anywhere.
  6. No better resource for Canadian artists on copyright than CARFAC's Copyright Collective. As the US and Canada fiddle with copyright laws and the Internet forces change, this is a valuable resource for artists' rights information.

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  1. Good post, as always Chris. Happy to help anyone with questions re the MyArtClub.Com marketing report. This past week we did a 3 hour presentation, and many of the comments said we should have allowed for more time!


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