Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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A friend in the media sent me this email publicity she received. She works in television and said in her email to me, "Passing this interview along to you. I find this format really doesn’t do much for me. Poor sound quality bad lighting, not flattering angles. All fodder for you." Besides the written opinion of the video as a promotional tool, the images (captioned at the bottom) did not come through and there are formatting problems that make the announcement feel weak. The errors and problems work against the objective of the communication (the gap in Carolyn's name; the gap in one listing of the gallery name).

This is a smart professional gallery. What was received is surely not what was sent. I post this not to embarrass the gallery or its staff, rather to remind you of the variety of the capabilities of the receiver's systems and software. PDF files always seem to work for me.

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