Friday, August 19, 2011

The Brazenness of Copyright Thiefs

Above (minus the watermark) is an image that artist illustrator Nathália Suellen created. The publisher, Harper Collins, requested to use it for their book "Bewitching," but Suellen told them that she had sold it already to another publisher for another book. Below, is the book that licensed her image.

Undaunted, Harper Collins decided to re-create Suellen's image in brazen defiance of the principles of copyright. The way corporations such as Disney use copyright law to protect their properties can be unreasonably harsh, but conscious corporate ripping off of creative work in is even more revolting. Below is the Harper Collins cover they created.

It is very sad for me to say that I have been copyright abused in as flagrant an example, and when lawyers representing my and the company that licensed my work sent the abuser a letter advising them to stop their practice, they threatened to sue our lawyer and us with a libel suit for suggesting that they were thieves. We won, but the immorality of the corporate thief was a horrible wake-up call to the capability of corporations.

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