Friday, October 14, 2011

More about That Jobs Graphic

From the October 13, New York Times, by Kevin Drew:

Artists’ Logos Shows Reach and Hostility of the Web

Mr. Mak's version that recently swept the Internet.

Mr. Thornley's version.

HONG KONG — Few personal journeys can shed as much light on the age we live in as the one traveled by Jonathan Mak in the last week.

Mr. Mak, a university student in Hong Kong, went from being an unknown aspiring graphic designer to an Internet sensation after an image he produced spread rapidly across digital platforms after the death of Steven P. Jobs, the co-founder of Apple.
Mr. Mak’s design of a silhouetted profile of Mr. Jobs in the Apple company logo was shared across the Web and reported by media. And then, nearly as fast, Mr. Mak found himself being vilified.
With a speed befitting the technological age that Mr. Jobs helped usher in, Mr. Mak became the subject of derisive Internet postings and negative media reports. His design, it turned out, closely matched one produced earlier this year by Chris Thornley, a British graphic artist.
Link to full story in NYT.

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