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Student Resources, Part 3

One of the assignments in my classes at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, is to submit some resources that we do not discuss in class. Below is part one of some of the resources submitted by my students; all comments are theirs, not mine

.Facebook "We Make Stuff" Christian Creative People Page

YouTube  In addition to blogging, producing regular videos can be a fantastic way of promoting yourself online and building an audience. If your videos prove popular enough you can even become a YouTube partner and start monetizing your channel through advertising. A compliment to your blog, not a replacement.

The "How to Make Webcomics" book, augmented by the "Webcomics Weekly" podcast and the "" website. All three are produced by four cartoonists: Brad Guigar, Dave Kellett, Scott Kurtz, and Kris Straub. These guys are all extremely successful online entrepreneurs, and even though they obviously have comics bias all of the theory and business they explore are easily applicable to artists of any kind trying to make a living online.

The Artist’s Journal is the quarterly newsletter listing a huge volume of calls for entry for BC artists who paint or draw. For subscriptions: 

Pinterest is a series of electronic pin boards - a site where you pin your favourite things, usually furniture and clothing. I've seen more and more people pinning art, allowing for opportunities for self-promotion of art, and displaying your art in the context of an electronic pin board for a room where the art works with the furniture and design elements selected. 

Behance is a good on-line resource to put up a portfolio and projects, as well as look at other artists' and designers' portfolios and projects. I'm also on their mailing list, where they send me articles on how to improve my art practice. Although it's mainly set up for designers, Its still a good site and has helped me a lot (especially the articles on the mailing list).

Photoshop CS5: Visual Quickstart Guide by Elaine Weinmann and Peter Lourekas. I bought this as a textbook for a Photoshop class I took. It is easy to follow, as it has lots of images and screen shots to illustrate the different steps to use. I use Photoshop mainly just to touch up images I take of my art.

 Emily Carr Writing Centre is a great resource for information about writing about art. I have attach some PDFs to this email that might be of use to the students in the class.
NY Times Lens is a photo blog centred around essays of various photo journalists.

Magnum in Motion is Magnum's photo essay blog is a brilliant source of inspiration.
Digital Truth and Alternative Photography are two great sites with information, techniques, and formulas to do with all things photographic.

WordPress Forums is an invaluable resource for anyone considering the task of building a WordPress site.

Artist Magazine, American Artist Magazine, Drawings Magazine: These magazines showcase practicing Artists who shares tips and approaches to paintings in different mediums.  The magazines focuses mainly on representational Art but the techniques and information can applies across the different genre.  These are good resources for people that have the developing their skills.  A cost effective way is to purchase past publications.  The annual CD collection can be purchased for a few dollars depending on the year through the on line North Light Shop.
Expressive Drawing: A practical guide to freeing the artist within”  by Steven Aimone:  The book is based on a drawing workshop which guides the readers through various exercises as well as comparative analysis of works.  The focus is on expressive mark making. 

Surface Treatment Workshop by Darlene Olivia McElroy & Sandra Duran Wilson: This book is a good reference for mixed media techniques.  The book solely focuses on the methods for creating various surfaces and is useful for those that may not have taken mix media and want to experiment in building up surface textures.
How Successful Artists Study by Samuel Adoquei: This book provides insights and ideas how to approach the learning and the development of an Artist.  It provides guidance on the issues and thought process that is needed to be effective through the growth process.  This is good reference book for those want to don’t know how to approach the learning process or lacks a development plan.

Boooom It's a great art focussed blog and features contemporary artists, many young and emerging, like myself. It's written by a local Vancouver boy. The blog is image-centric, created for visual people. 

Craftzine and Makezine  are great places to get inspiration for projects and new DIY technology that can be included in artwork. Superbly written. 

Georgia Straight Listings Not exactly a blog, but an arts event listing. Getting out and meeting people, creating community, making friends, meeting fellow artist and networking are a vital part of being an artist. This is my go-to event listings for Vancouver. I haven't found more complete listing yet. I also check  out Artsy Dartsy Events. is an extremely user friendly website that allows you to create a variety of advertising products such as business cards, stickers and brochures. You can upload your personal designs easily and the site takes you through the process step by step. The product is delivered in a timely manner and is not only affordable, but high quality. I used this site twice but plan to use it again and with other products for effective and attractive advertising.

Art Threat Art Threat is an online publication devoted to political art and cultural policy in Canada and abroad.. Articles are about art that seeks to interpret, influence, or reflect upon society. The authors discuss policy as it pertains to culture and we showcase artists whose work inspires social change.I believe this site is an important part of being an artist in Canada

Painters' Table is a platform for exploring blogs directed towards painters . Part journalism  and part artist statement, it is updated daily and provides an entry point for painting  sites that are of interest to me.

Art Framing is a site directed towards painters who would like to use professional techniques for framing. The tips are helpful for using standard formats as you highlighted on your blog

Art Market Blog Nic Forrest  started this blogin response to the misconceptions and lack of understanding of the art market that he experienced during his time as an art broker. I enjoyed these independent commentaries of the art market throughout the world.
Terminal City Glass Blowing Cooperative. The arts services that are easiest to endorse and support are initiatives that operate as non-profit societies like this great new local resource in Vancouver for artists interested in exploring glass as a medium. (I was born passionate about glass.)

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