Sunday, May 26, 2013

Interesting Critique of Art Fair Sales by New York Dealer

Nicole Klagsbrun is closing her Chelsea gallery (right, installation view from the 2010 show "John Giorno, Black Paintings). Photo: Christopher Burke Studios

If you are more than represented, if you are an artist who sells well with a gallery that is involved with art fairs or is about to get involved in art fairs, read this article from The Art Newspaper:

The New York dealer, Nicole Klagsbrun, will close her gallery this summer. “I’m not sick and I’m not broke. I just don’t want the gallery system anymore,” Klagsbrun says. “The old school way was to be close to the artists and to the studios. Nowadays, it’s run like a corporation. After 30 years, this is not what I aspire to do. It is uninteresting.”
Link to The Art Newspaper.

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