Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What do you charge for Workshops?

From the Art Business Blog.

  • For my first workshop with a guild I made $255 for a 7-hour one-day workshop. My second time it went up to $275. In my new proposal I’m asking $325 (for the same workshop) and this includes travel expenses up to 100 miles from my home.
  • $50/hour
  • I usually charge $500 a day plus travel expenses for workshops organized by others, but I will also negotiate a ‘per student’ fee sometimes. I have accepted $50 per hour when it’s an amazing setting with food, travel, and lodging included. No materials included.
  • I only charge $75 for a 3-hour session- a Bargain- but I want to be accessible . . . you have to buy your own canvas, but I supply paint and brushes.
  • I charge $99 for 2 hours of photography or Photoshop.
  • For “community center classes” been getting $10/hr per person.
  • I’ve just started the workshop gig, and right now I have a rate of $95 for a day-long workshop. That cost includes a 25 page spiral bound workbook. If I didn’t have the workbook I’d charge around $80. It’s a per-artist rate. The workshop can handle up to 14 students with a minimum of six if I’m not traveling far. If I have to travel more than an hour or two away, then I’ll raise the minimum, depending on the travel cost.
  • For a two-day workshop I charge $185 plus a supply fee of $15-20. As for classes I’ve found I’m at the mercy of the art centers/leagues and guilds to what they pay anywhere from $20 to $30 per hour and that doesn’t include the set up time and clean up which could take another half hour on either end.
  • Depends on what I’m teaching $90-145/day and $215-235 fortwo-day workshops.

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