Saturday, June 8, 2013

Proof that Brevity is Essential Online

And so is a powerful opening... but I digress...  Here is how an article about online concentration and focus opens. I think it is a MUST READ for everyone seriously invested in on online presence. It is from

I’m going to keep this brief, because you’re not going to stick around for long. I’ve already lost a bunch of you. For every 161 people who landed on this page, about 61 of you—38 percent—are already gone. You “bounced” in Web traffic jargon, meaning you spent no time “engaging” with this page at all.  
So now there are 100 of you left. Nice round number. But not for long! We’re at the point in the page where you have to scroll to see more. Of the 100 of you who didn’t bounce, five are never going to scroll. Bye! OK, fine, good riddance. 
So we’re 95 now...
Here is a link to the entire article.

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