Eye Candy

Kumi Yamashita‘s “Constellation – Mana no.2 (below; detail, below that) is comprised of only three elements: a wooden panel painted white, more than 7,000 tiny galvanized nails and a single, unbroken black sewing thread.  

Check out these extraordinary wood sculptures by Bruno Walpoth.

RedBall began as a requested commission by Arts in Transit, an award winning public art bi-state agency based in St. Louis. I was asked to choose among a series of sites and propose a temporary work. After being drawn to an unlikely underpass lacking the glamour of other possibilities I worked through a series of ideas, trying to figure out how to make evident my pull to this particular place. In a late night sketching session, after many failures and in a moment of frustration to realize the compressed potential of the site, I jammed a gigantic ball under the bridge to make myself laugh. Excited, intrigued, and having nothing else I liked, I showed the sketch to my project manager the next day over ice cream at Crown Candy. She laughed too, and thus began the RedBall Project.
Link | More at Flickr's RedBall Project pool

Using leaves of paper from old engineering and science manuals as her canvass, Swisher brings what she describes as a “contrived sense of order” to pages of numbers, figures, and graphs — creating what she calls “a visual metaphor for our attempts to make sense of our experiences.”
Don’t miss the rest of these amazing drawings on her website.
Link Via io9

Steven Spazuk draws with fire by holding a candle up to pieces of canvas, then adjusting the soot with brushes, knives, and his fingers to create images. I really like his impressionistic works, like the one above. But from a technical perspective, his massive composite portraits consisting of hundreds of smaller pieces demonstrate the magnitude of his skills. Watch a video at the link showing how Spazuk does it.  Link | Artist’s Website

(Above) Street Art Utopia — 106 guerrilla street art installations

(Above)  Ji Lee, Creating an Image Out of a Word Using Only Letters From That Word.

(Above) Paper sculptures by Yulia Brodskaya who has a fabulous logo on her home page. Link.