Monday, December 6, 2010

20 X 200

I am a fan of Etsy. I know that website works for selling work, but I also know that it works best for 3-D work and crafts. 2-D art has a rough time on Etsy or anywhere on the web.

As I am also a fan of prints, so the site 20 X 200 caught my interest. It seems to be fairly successful with the selling of 2-D. They take on images and treat them all in the same way—the smaller the size of the print, the larger the volume of prints made and the lower the price. The site's founder, Jennifer Bekman, established it with this mandate in mind: "Limited editions X low prices + the internet = art for everyone."

Multiples offer artists a price point between originals and low-end items like cards and calendars and the like that artists must have for "pity," "support" or "polite" buys and impulse purchases. But prints are hard to sell through an agent. They are best for direct personal sales for most practicing artists.

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