Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winning Display Concepts

Until March 2011.

Artist to be identified. My apologies!

One image from the unidentified artist's exhibition. More to come...

I saw two installations in LA that really impressed me. As this blog is directed to emerging artists, one of the installations is pretty much irrelevant (but entirely worth celebrating).

The incredible display design that is way beyond the scale of individual artists is the exhibition of historical costumes at LACMA. I took photos of many of the pieces and posted them as a film on YouTube here. What overwhelmed me were the costume shipping cases used as display modules. Some had mirrors so that you could see both sides of the costume. Amazing!

All the installations at Bergamot Station that I saw impressed me. Everything about Bergamot impressed me. But the scale of one installation pictured here really honoured the viewer by creating lots of space between the images and a scale that brought you into each one. Many were masterful. Sadly, I failed to note which of the cards goes with this exhibition so I cannot credit it properly, and for this I sincerely apologize. (I will work to correct this and edit this post if I can.)

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