Saturday, December 11, 2010

Still in LA

Wow, Bergamot Station. A shopping mall of art galleries. A former railway station and all its outbuildings converted to scores of stand alone galleries. What a wonderful way to put the memory of the LA art walk behind me (it was a career low point).

Bergamot is full of stunning work. Even work one does not like, is so strikingly well done, it draws you in. I was stunned by an exhibit of collages—and collage in a gallery is not something I have seen for a long time. I can hardly wait to get home and do some detailed posting.

It is too challenging to blog well here as I cannot download images from my camera here. But I look forward to sharing things that I have learned here.

Bergamot was deserted. The stores here, so close to Christmas were also pretty empty. It is hard not to believe there is a recession still lingering and the art market is obviously far, far less active now.

Home tomorrow.....

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