Sunday, November 28, 2010

Crawl 2010: Marketing Atmosphere Awards

There was music, there was lots of nibblies, there was a very warm, welcoming atmosphere and there was a large table covered with photographs of Judson's work and play in his studio, Straight Line Designs. Judson, himself, is a bundle of charm and energy. His personality permeates his very large studio. The whimsical nature of his work contributed to the "fun," "stick around" atmosphere of his space.

Kyla Bourgh designs jewellery. Her work is small and you have to come into her studio to see her work. As you walk through the busy corridors of the 100+ studios at 1000 Parker Street, there is a lot of visual competition for your eye and attention. To draw your eye to her small work, these lovely large fluffy clouds drew you into her space.

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