Saturday, November 27, 2010

What more fitting way to start a new blog about visual art marketing and merchandising that with a visit to Vancouver's amazing Eastside Culture Crawl.

I have written two books about visual art professional development. The first, Artist Survival Skills: How to Make a Living as Professional Visual Artist came out in 2008, the next one, Making It! Case Studies of Successful Canadian Visual Artists comes out in 2011. As an extension of my work on book two, I attended this year's Crawl opening last night and I had more fun and was more stimulated than I have been in ages.

I revelled in the success and talent of many artists I visited. I also made note of some of the shortcomings in professional presentation on the part of some participants, so I resolved to start this blog about artists involved with direct, person-to-person sales. It is a field that interests me a great deal because of the increased ease with which artists can be entrepreneurs.

Computers, software and internet advances have made sophisticated direct marketing so easy for individuals, and when artists sell direct, my favourite professionals earn full retail for their work. So, with luck and over time, I hope to create a blog that serves artists well as self-promoters.

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