Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mailing List Management

Dear Artist,

How can someone who creates such beautiful work, create and circulate such unappealing and visually dull communications? As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I got several messy or incomplete email communications inviting me to visit a studio during the Crawl.

Please recognize, dear artist, that writing and graphic design are just as demanding a discipline as art making, and seek some professional assistance. There are some fabulous web tools to bring a professional look to your work; two of my favourites are Mail Chimp and Constant Contact.

These sites offer you incredible tools and support to make your communications look and read professional. Beyond the mailing list and communication design services they offer, they are communities that allow you to connect to other users and they have remarkable tutorial services to teach you the basics about direct marketing.

Finally, ALWAYS send your communications out to someone you know to proof your work before you circulate it widely. And not to friends who will be polite; send it to acquaintances who will be honest, perhaps in exchange for the same service for them. I am a professional writer and no one sees my work until my proof-readers do (except for my blogging).

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