Sunday, November 28, 2010

Crawl 2010: Superlative Studio Experience Award

Roselina Hung and her work enthralled me. I had the experience every Crawl visitor wants, engagement with a captivating artist. My richly rewarding experience with Roselina was not unlike other experiences I had at this year's Crawl, I have to say, more posts of wonderful interactive experiences are to follow. But perhaps because it was early on Friday evening, and my first unexpected joy, it has stayed with me.

Roselina displayed a variety of work which is something you often do not see in a gallery exhibition that often imposes continuity. She was showing wild, vibrant, colourful pastiches of portraits and brighte, almost pychedelic colour, anthropomorphized animals and exquisite, extraordinary self-portraits. She does portraits on commission.

The variety of her work solicited engagement by a diverse audience. Her charming partner, Nicky, with whom she often collaborates, added a further dimension to the presentation in her studio.

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