Monday, November 29, 2010

Crawl 2010: Public Engagement Award

Lawrence Lowe, like every artist mentioned in this blog posts about the Crawl 2010, was thoroughly engaging. I absolutely love the creative personality and Lawrence is a gentle, warm, wonderful man. His artwork is highly detailed, delicate work; each is a testament to patience and beauty. He is a printmaker and he draws.

He was handsomely dressed, and he sat quietly off to one side of the studio he shares with another personable creative genius, Robyn Ripley. And beside him was one of his little drawings on wood, and a lino plate plus a pulled print from the plate. He also had a huge lino block with him that he was working on: a salmon.

By sitting quietly on the side working, everyone was drawn to him and everyone had questions about his process. When a young man came by, Lawrence took his time and took the young visitor through his whole process. The boy was enthralled and went off to get his mother; together they returned for more from Lawrence. It moved me to see Lawrence, acting like a diplomat for visual art, seducing everyone into a respect for, and education about, art.

Nothing beats a demonstration in a studio. It allows visitors to easily engage, and that is what every artist should be after: engagement, in order to begin a relationship. Besides examples of his work and process, Lawrence might have had his mailing list. I hope so.

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