Sunday, November 28, 2010

Crawl 2010; Overall Impressions

I went to the Eastside Culture Crawl 2010 for a good, long visit on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Friday night I spent at 1000 Parker and the Mergatroid building. Although I have been to the Crawl several times over many years, this year was different. Because I am an instructor at Emily Carr University of Art and Design (ECU), and because of my books, a lot of people knew me and if they didn't, by saying I am an instructor at ECU, I earned their interest.

I am capable of being very shy at times, but my new roles of author and ECU instructor motivate me to introduce myself and ask questions. It has changed my relationship to the Crawl. And when I visited the cafeteria areas and asked visitor/customers about their experience, the overwhelming response was about how wonderful it was to be able to talk to the artists.

The Crawl not only gets artists retail prices, it gives art-lovers access to the artists they are very keen to meet and learn from.

The next posts will be about specific impressions.

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