Sunday, November 28, 2010

Crawl 2010: Marketing"Best in Show"

I must be true to what I teach. The photo above is the entrance to the studio of Fiona Ackerman. You absolutely cannot miss this plea to sign-up to be on Fiona's mailing list. Her cards are there, pens are there, a little sensual enticement, a little gifting with the candy; the perfect presentation.

Many artists had mailing lists available in obscure corners. Because direct, personal (full retail) sales can come to you via a large mailing list (well serviced with a good communications plan) and because galleries appreciate artists with large mailing lists, Fiona wins "best in show" from me for arts marketing.

Caveat: I saw a fraction of the artists studios that were available for viewing. "Best in show" is a joke, OK! But it was one of the best examples of a marketing principle that I saw in action in the limited number of studios I was able to visit in the time available. (See below.)

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